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Monday, February 24, 2014

Video: BFM - "The Making of A Monster" Album Listening Session pt. 1

Here is the coverage of BFM's recent album listening session. Watch as he performs upcoming hits from his new album in front of an intimate crowd and all virtual BFM fans. This has set the stage for big release "The Making of A Monster" which is set for this Spring.

Thursday, December 26, 2013


Fans have been waiting years for that new Growl Growl shit from BFM. The time is upon us! Hopefully these snippets will tide you over til Spring 2014 when the project is finally scheduled to release. 

Alongside the new release, Babyface Monster will construct a new tour, Midwest Blog Tour 2, to promote the music. "Making of A Monster" is sponsored by and features production from Vybe beats, BraveStarr, Superstar O, ect. 

Saturday, September 28, 2013


New Radio Podcasts with ToneDefradio on BlogTalkRadio

On Wed, Sept 10th, BFM was happy to visit 1 of Milwaukee's best radio shows! Listen in (Marker 35:00) as he chops it up with Lexi Trenee on the Tone Def Radio Station. This is a very cool interview where they touch base on all BFM's current business ventures, new, his industry tour, his radio, his new music, & his blog

This episode show the cool chemistry between Lexi and BFM and helps to promote his upcoming Milwaukee visit for his tour stop, "Milwaukee Blog Mixer and Showcase.

Friday, September 6, 2013


So far, BFM's best interview of the year! Listen in (Marker 18:00) as he chops it up with LB and Jay of Chicago hiphop blog & radio, This is a very cool interview where they touch base on all BFM's current business ventures, new book, his industry tour, his radio show, his new music, & his blog  

This episode show a personal side of BFM also when they ask of his favorite summertime memory. He also drops a cray cray live acapella freestlye! is 1 of the Chi's most respected hiphop websites. Its extension, Only4TheReal Radio is on every Thurs 11p-1am on It's highly entertaining show with crazy radio personalities. It's original programming provides great commentary for whats really hot on the streets of Chicago.


Thursday, September 5, 2013


2 Chicago giants, Babyface Monster and Bo Deal, come together to let fans know what a regular night at the club looks like for them over a ridiculous SuperStar O beat! This serves as the 1st single from BFM's long awaited album "The Making of A Monster". Production by SuperStar O. @babyfacemonster @bodeal @superstaro

Buy the single for only $1 at //

BFM will be performing "When You See Me" Sept 22nd @Club E for his upcoming Midwest Blog Tour. 5415 W. Irving Park Rd. Be there!!!

Sunday, August 18, 2013



Is there nothing a man with drive & talent can't accomplish?

Chicago entrepreneur & hiphop artist, Babyface Monster, runs a leading Midwest hiphop blog called, a regional hiphop internet radio show called, music business advice blog called, a site that sells his latest music marketing book & most currently

Midwest Blog Tour is scheduled to kickoff in Milwaukee on Sept 20th. It's a delicately organized event series that will showcase local talent as well as local bloggers, radio hosts, DJs, magazines, promoters. The BIG industry mixer will take place in Chicago on Sept 22nd which happens to be BFM's birthday!!! We asked some commonly asked questions people have about his Midwest Industry Tour Series.

What is Midwest Blog Tour?
BFM:  10 city industry event series. Half networking event, other half hiphop showcase. I see it as an opportunity to bring the Midwest cities together, creating 1 movement out of 1000 tiny movements.  

How did you get the idea to create this tour?
BFM:  Through my sheer love of Midwest hiphop & blogging I've coordinated the 10city industry mixer series based completely around Midwest bloggers.

How did you begin the organization of the tour?
BFM:  My thoughts are the blogger are the most important people (other than DJs) who give indie artist like myself exposure. So I made a strategy to get to know every single one of them build a friendship. While organizing my own solo tour I figured what a great idea it would be to share the spotlight with all my new friends. That way we could maximize the publicity & give local bloggers the appreciation they truly deserve!

What do you plan to accomplish by the end of the tour?
BFM:  There will be dope local artists performing at these conferences. Some of whom have never had the opportunity in their town to get posted to a blog or interviewed on a radio show. I'd like to see them get that shot.

I also believe that bloggers are the most underappreciated writers ever! They usually work for free in their spare time creating a valuable platform for indie artist to gain exposure. This tour will get them the respect that is deserved!

Music pros will have on name tags so you'll know who people are. It makes it easier to strike up a convo that will lead to exchange of contact info, that will lead to relationship building waaay after the event. Ultimately by the end of this tour we WILL make the Midwest a lot smaller.

What other tastemakers are involved in the tour?
BFM:  Our media partners included:, Midwest Minute Radio, Pheature World Events,, Aluzun Magazine, Hood Cash Ent, G Spot Lounge Radio, Windycity Underground Radio, Miller Street Studios,,,,,,, Gabes Corner Radio,, Bass Head Music Radio,, BTS Management, Young Urban Society, OSAT Music International,, Milwaukee Tri Radio,,, 89.5 The Wave, Stereo Assault Radio, STL MVP Radio, Show Me Show,,,,, Central IL Music Awards,,, Level-Up Magazine, The Illinois Times,,,,, Urban Grind TV,,,, Rezz TV, ect.

but you're just another rapper from the Southside of Chicago... How do you know all these people?
Using techniques from my book, Digital Hustle, I tracked down the hottest website owners & radio show hosts to help out & attend these industry mixers.

What do you hope to gain personally from the tour?
At the end of the day I'm an mc. I will be performing & headlining some of the tour stops in hopes to further my brand. I'll be selling my new albums "The Making of A Monster" & "Cadillac Brougham Joints", physical copies of my book, Midwest Blog Tour T-shirts, and other merchandise.  

Who else can we plan to see at the industry event series in every city?
We've seen a great reaction from the local communities of all tour stops! They are really rallying around their local hiphop blogs & artists. You'll see loads of fans, mcs, & music professionals with specially made name tags.


Saturday, March 2, 2013


Babyface Monster performs his hit "Rich Daley" from the concept album "Cadillac Brougham Joints". Footage shot at "The Legendary Cypher" Tiger O'Stylies 2013. Shot by Night Knight Ent.

Here's a great example of what you can expect when you attend a Babyface Monster concert! Every movement seems effortless as he parties with his fans rocking a scarf, hunter's vest, cardigan, shirt buttoned to the top, & a smile from ear to ear. This footage gives us a glimpse of the level of stage presence BFM displays & the amount of crowd control he commands with every song. 

Download "Cadillac Brougham Joints" Today!!!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Interview: Babyface Monster on Urban Grind TV


A great evening in Chicago hiphop history as 2013 Chicago Music Awards #1 urban tv show, Urban Grind TV interviews Babyface Monster & honors his latest project as the "Mixtape of the Week". The interview takes place around the 30min mark of the episode & is masterfully conducted by EV Supreme.

UGTV has displayed different reasons why Babyface Monster is amongst the top independent hiphop artists in 2013. Aside from being an elite mc he continues to think outside of the box & inspire others with his music biz ebooks, Midwest Radio Show, & Midwest Hiphop Blog.

Download UGTV's Mixtape of the Week "Cadillac Brougham Joints".

Monday, February 25, 2013

Babyface Monster "Mixtape of the Week"

Watch this wed 11p-12p as UGTV will display different reasons why Babyface Monster is amongst the top independent hiphop artists in 2013. Aside from being an elite mc he continues to think outside of the box & inspire others with his music biz ebooks, Midwest Radio Show, & Midwest Hiphop Blog. Download UGTV's Mixtape of the Week "Cadillac Brougham Joints".

Urban Grind TV is the winner of 2013 Chicago Music Awards winner for "Best Urban TV Show"!!! UGTV continues to be the gateway to getting seen in Chicago. will spin his videos, book commercials, & present his latest music as "Mixtape of the Week". The special show airs Wed. Feb 27th 11pm on Channel 25 Comcast, Wow, RCN.

Also Babyface Monster will be hitting the road on UGTV's "Cross State Connection Tour" to promote his upcoming album "The Making of A Monster".
***CALL 888-380-1913 TO USE BFM'S HOOKUP***

Saturday, January 5, 2013



This Wed directly after hosting the "Midwest Minute Radio 2013 Kickoff" BFM will be in the house Wed, Jan 9th to pay homage to Mr FYF of for his B-Day showcase!!! 

This night he will debut new music from his upcoming album "The Making of A Monster", which is due Spring 2013. Subterranean is located 2011 W. North Ave, Chicago, IL. FALL THRU!!!

Subterranean 2011 West North Avenue Chicago, IL 60647

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Friday, January 4, 2013



Click here for info on being featured on Urban Grind TV Channel 25 next.

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Sunday, December 23, 2012


BFM will be in the house Jan 5th to give away some prizes to Chicago mcs & debut music from his upcoming album "The Making of A Monster", which is due Spring 2013. Tiger's is located 6300 W. Ogden, Berwyn, IL.

We would like to reward 10 lucky fans for coming out! Contact BFM for FREE entry tix & drink tix. be there or be mad!!! 
Tiger O'stylies 6300 West Ogden Avenue, Berwyn, IL
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Tuesday, December 18, 2012


December 29th is the last chance you will have to see Babyface Monster performing live! He will be performing live in concert at Chicago Ridge hotspot, Bobby McGee's right before the new year.

Bobby McGee's, 10139 South Harlem Avenue, Chicago Ridge, IL

On this night he will be giving away some prizes to Chicago mcs & giving fans an exclusive live sneak peek into his upcoming album, "The Making of A Monster" set to drop Spring 2013. The project that features artists like Kenlo Key, Bo Deal, Tree, Xspo, etc.

If you're in the are, be there!!!
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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Interview: Babyface Monster on Lexi Trenee Show

CHI:  Tues 12/04 at marker 24:00 Milwaukee based Lexi Trenee Radio show talks with Babyface Monster about his blog, Midwest Minute Radio Show, upcoming album "The Making of a Monster", upcoming tour "Midwest Monsters Tour 2",  and "Digital Hustle" book series. 


The Lexi Trenee Show featuring Lexi Trenee brings you music you may or may not have heard before. She likes to talk to artists and people in the community who are living their dreams and doing something positive. Productivity and progression are two words she lives by and she hopes to make a difference some day.


Fri 12/07 8-10pm we celebrate the coming of 2013 comeback with special guests: Dawn Richard (Making of the Band 3, Diddy Dirty Money) & Bo Deal (Brick Squad Monopoly recording artist).
  • 9pm BO DEAL

FAN HOTLINE:  347-996-3277

Saturday, October 20, 2012

SnapShots of the Midwest Monsters Tour

Here's random photography shot to document the last 60 days of BFM's life as he touched every Midwestern state on the "Midwest Monsters Tour". Gaining rave review for his livewire performances, album sales, media coverage, new friends & life long fans in every city, the promo tour ends as an utter success!!!

Now, he bids farwell to the road, hotels, hot tubs & groupies as he's set to come back to Chicago & open up for the finest acts this nation has to offer over the following 3 months. Also, stay tuned for the release of Babyface Monster's upcoming album "The Making of A Monster". 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Event: Babyface Monster Reveals October Tour Dates

BFM is continues bringing the Midwest together in a BIG way! He will be showing love to every Midwestern hotspot through performing, apperances, networking, & celebrating the coming of his new album "The Making of A Monster", dropping in this Winter!!!

Friday, August 31, 2012

Event: Babyface Monster Reveals Dates of His New Midwest Tour


BFM is bringing the Midwest together in a BIG way! He will be showing love to every Midwestern hotspot through performing, apperances, networking, & celebrating the coming of his new album "The Making of A Monster", dropping in Oct!!!

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Monday, August 27, 2012

BFM Is Called A Music Marketing Genius Worldwide For His New Book "Digital Hustle"

On Fri, Aug 17th 2012 BFM released his information music business ebook to the pleasure of a massive wailing list of independent musicians, music promoters, & bloggers alike. Along the way the book has garnered not only a place on e-junkie's best sellers list, but also great book reviews & 100's of legitimate endorsments! See samples of the new book or purchase your copy for $7.99 at

Here are acouple noteworthy book reviews from well-respected & well-visited music websites, &

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Wednesday, July 4, 2012